What Is The Best Way to Lose Weight || Answering Listeners Questions In Today's Show

I decided to remix the show up and take questions from you the listeners and from Remix My Fitness Facebook community group.

I'm going to sell or pressure you into buying anything, there is no catch.

Just honest and free advice to help map out your fitness strategy through cracking Your Fitness DNA Quiz. I use these series of questions to help me identify what kind of workouts would best suit you. Why is this so important? Because without, we can waste money, resources and most importantly your TIME. Why waste time doing push ups or burpees if you have absolutely hate it.

We get so caught up thinking about the end results, the number on the scale, the six packs and amazing booties but we spend very little time thinking about how we are going to get there. It’s not as easy as going to the gym or eating your chicken breast and broccoli because if it was, you’d be doing it right now.

The Cracking Your Fitness DNA quiz will get you thinking about and how a path to get there. The private group  where I keep community members motivated, share tips and provide exclusive content like our 5 day “How to Stay Motivated” which is coming up in September. If you want to join, you can visit the group by clicking here, or searching up TEAM REMIX.

I got so many questions but I picked my top 4 which I thought would tie in nicely together:

  1. What is the best way to lose weight? The most popular question I got asked.

  2. How long should we be sitting down for before stand up?

  3. If I eat healthy is a workout necessary?

  4. What are your thoughts on the ketogenic fad that has blown up and whether you think carbs (Even the good ones should be limited)

Once a week the Remix My Fitness podcast will be sharing stories of everyday people. People that you interacted with everyday, parents, entrepreneurs, students.

These people stem from weekend warriors, yogis and who are just starting out with exercise. These everyday people will share their story how they have incorporated, fitness, healthy eating and personal goal setting to fit their lives.

My hope is that you will recognize yourself or someone you know and be inspired to keep doing what you are doing or find the motivation to get started on your own fitness journey.


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