How to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain Caused By Sitting

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Just to give you an idea on the ppl I train with and who have this problem are. Make and female between the ages of 30-45 Who work at in front of their computers or who work from home. They spend a lot of time sitting, working and grinding away at their job or business. Forgetting to neglecting to get up and take a break.


So often times these hard working men and women run into a few common ailments:


  1. they are over worked and planning, researching about working out is the last thing they want to think about

  2. They are carrying a little extra weight around their stomach area

  3. The main topic we are going to talk about today they experience lower back pain sometimes debilitating back pain that hinder their movement, general mood and basically just sucks the daily life out of them.


Does this sound like you? Or do you believe you have lower back from sitting too much?


So often times people ask me can you give me some lower back exercises to strengthen my lower back or some core exercises but in most cases your lower back is tired and you don't want to continue to work them heavily. 


Check out these 4 tips on how to get rid of lower back pain:

#1 - Train Your Legs


3 Sets for 20 reps To be done Daily 

Feet Running Parallel and Shoulder Width Apart 

Bend your knees past 90 degrees 

#2 - Sit on A Stability Ball


1) Keeps good sitting posture. You will not be able to slouch or round your back while you working or sitting at your desk 


2) It forces you to take a break. You won’t be able to sit on stability ball for hrs on end. You will actually feel the fatigue to start to set in lower back and shoulders and you will have to get up, stretch and take a break.

#3 - Lose Weight

If you are someone who is carrying a little extra load in the stomach and gut area then then this could be the reason why your lower back is hurting.  

#4 - Bands

Recommendation: 20 reps for 2 sets to be done daily

A great way to get the blood flowing into your lower half and to activate your glutes into action. 

Exercise #1: Bridge with Band 

Exercise #2 Side Clams 


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