The One Secret to Stay and Find Your Fitness Motivation

About This Episode

We are officially half way into the year? So how do you stay motivated or if you haven't started how do you get motivated?


In today's episode I talk about the ONE THING that has guided me and kept me in the game of fitness, exercise and physical activity. Often times people think because I'm a fitness coach I'm always on a strict diet, my workouts are planned to the "T" and that I know exactly what I'm doing all the time.


This couldn't be further from the truth and I talk about how I've been able to keep myself active and how I coach my clients to think about exercise and fitness.


In this episode I also talk about the my guide to Cracking Your Fitness DNA. It is a short 2 minute quiz that you can take which will tell you your fitness personality. It shares with you ideas of some exercises, insight on the kinds of workouts you would like and how you should approach your fitness.


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