The Freedom of Having No Goals At ALL || with Coach Graeme Gentle

Graeme Gentle, a strength and conditioning coach and a powerlifting competitor, wasn’t always the biggest or strongest athlete but he grew up playing competitive tennis, loved playing sports, and had thirst for knowledge. He wasn’t someone who thought coaching others would be something that he would doing to make a living. In fact he went to culinary school and tried his hand at a few different jobs.


He ultimately was inspired by his brother to join him in the fitness industry and became certified coach. Graeme started competitive lifting where he learned from past failure and ultimately found success.


He now shares that knowledge with others as a coach full time. In our conversation we cover:


Dealing with nerves during competition

Misconceptions and stigma’s of what it’s like to be a trainer or coach in the fitness industry

How he sets his fitness goals which I think most people would find shocking

Graeme’s 4 P's to success for both personal and professional success


Let me know what you thought of today's episode by leaving me a comment below! Once a week the Remix My Fitness podcast will be sharing stories of everyday people. People that you interacted with everyday, parents, entrepreneurs, students.


These people stem from weekend warriors, yogis and who are just starting out with exercise. These everyday people will share their story how they have incorporated, fitness, healthy eating and personal goal setting to fit their lives.


My hope is that you will recognize yourself or someone you know and be inspired to keep doing what you are doing or find the motivation to get started on your own fitness journey.


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