7 Dynamic Stretches that Will Get Your Primed and Ready for Action 

Dynamic Warm ups are used to help your body get ready for action. Whether you are runner, lifter, cyclist, or heavy desk sitter practicing these moves will up your next session, and keeps you pain free.


Unlike static stretching (holding positions for long holds), these Dynamic stretches help blood flow, increase your range of motion and help you keep injury free.


Best of all, it doesn’t take a whole lot of time.

Perform these stretches in this sequence for 20-30s each. Repeat 1-2 more times if you need to get more loose:

1. Side to Side Head Turns

I start with this one all the time. This helps to release the tension from my neck. Especially if I’m about to lift weights or if I’ve been sitting my desk.

2. Deep Shoulder Shrugs

Another one to release more tension from the neck and my shoulders. This puts me in proper standing posture and alignment.

3. Almost hand claps

For the chest and upper back. Don’t touch your hands and increase the speed every 5 seconds.

4. Hip Twist

I can hear the clicks and pops in my lower back from the self adjustments I give myself in this one. This one gets my lower back ready for sudden movements. Remember to twist from your toes and not just your body.

5. Straight Leg Deadlift

This dynamic drills doubles as a stretch and exercise if you added weight to it. Your entire core abs, lower back, hips and glutes get in on this one.

6. Scapular Push Ups on Knees

Keeping my arms straight the whole time I bring my upper shoulder blades together and back. A really good one if you spend a lot time on looking at your phone (ahem... so that’s everyone).

7. Push and Pull

This a combo gets my groin and hamstrings feeling loose. Keep hands flat on the floor the whole time and the key to this stretch is to breathe and relax as much as possible.


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