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Jimmy Kim

Fitness Coach

If you are new to fitness or tired of doing the same things over again, take the next 2 minutes to answer honestly these next series of questions to decode your personal fitness.



As you can see from my before and after photos, I've lost some weight.

I've tried countless diets, exercise plans, and supplements with little to no change. I've made more mistakes than I'd like to admit, and worst of all, have made some mistakes twice. 

It wasn't easy. In fact, it was frustrating, depressing, and incredibly aggravating that I couldn't make the change.

I share my before and after photos to show that you are not alone -

if I can make the change, then so can you. 

The main philosophy of Remix My Fitness is that there is more than one way to train, eat, and live. 


classes start Jan 6 2020




Perfect for those with busy schedules that aren't able to make it to a gym to workout. Get fit on your own time

and on your own terms!



If you don't know where to start with your fitness journey, need help staying motivated, and are looking to take charge of your health goals, it's time to meet up in-person.

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Client Testimonies

Jordan S.


I inquired about personal trainers and was connected with Jimmy. He helpfully directed me to background information which spoke to his journey, as I recall, from(...)

Bibi D.

(10 LBS LOST and 5 INCHES)

I started with Jimmy once a week, as part of a boot camp group session, really enjoyed the variety & challenge Jimmy put into the sessions(...)

Larry V.

 (60 LBS LOST)

I started training with Jimmy at Remix My Fitness because I needed discipline and accountability. I've always enjoyed physical activity, but between work and everyday life(...)

For more testimonials please click the link below.

jimmy kim


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